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Specials: (While Supplies Last):

PSL Cocktail - $11
Irish Whiskey, Allspice Dram, Irish Cream,
Pumpkin Spice Syrup, Cold Brew, Pimento Bitters

Barrel-Aged Boulevardier - $14
High West Double Rye aged two months in a Campari seasoned barrel, Campari, Spanish Sweet Vermouth

Beer and a Shot - $10
4 Hands Full Life Lager Pint
and Branca Menta
Signature Bottled Cocktails
Batched and bottled in house with House-Made simple syrups and juices.
Supplies Last.
Top with Champagne (+3%) $2
Uncharted Waters (14.48%) - $10
Vodka, Falernum, Ginger Simple, Cucumber Simple, Lemon, Soda Water
Foxglove (10%) - $10
Gin, Brandy, Blackberry Sage Simple, Almond Orgeat,
Lime, Soda Water
Buy the Bottle - $5
Yep, now you can take one of our super cute bottles home with you!
Use it for plant cuttings, your morning cold brew, put a candle in it!
I don't know, do whatever, it's your bottle!
Spritz Menu - $9

(House-Made Limoncello, Soda Water, Bubbly)
(Aperol, Soda Water, Bubbly)
(Berry Liqueur, Lemon, Bubbly)
Strawberry Lillet
(Strawberry Infused Lillet, Basil Simple, Bubbly)
(Pimm's No. 1, Simple, Lemon, Bubbly)
Oka Kura
(Japanese Vermouth, VanillSimple, Grapefruit, Bubbly)
Spritzy Shootzy - $4
(Aperol and Champagne Shot)
Script Girl (18.55%) - $8
White Rum, Angostura Amaro,
Vanilla Si
mple Syrup, Lime Juice,
Orange Bitters
Cafe Racer (21.77%) - $8
Bourbon, Gentian Liqueur,
Fig Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters
Maracuyá Zing (17.92%) - $9
Blanco Tequila, Passion Fruit Liqueur, 
Passion Fruit Juice,Lime Juice,
 Syrup, Orange Bitters, Tajín Rim
Campari Sour (7.20%) - $8
Campari, Grapefruit Juice, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Egg White
*Can Substitute for Vegan*
Crop Top (16.6%)- $10
Gin, Amaro Montenegro, Pamplemouse, Lemon Juice
Epitaph Martini (36%) - $14
*Limit one per person*
*While Supplies Last*
Navy Strength Gin, Manzanilla Sherry Vermouth, Absinthe.  Batched and held in the freezer for ideal serving temperature.  Sorry, no substitutions
Rye n' Remedy (22.52%) - $9
100 Proof Rye, Amaro Amorino, Honey Chamomile Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Black Walnut Bitters
Roseraie (19.46%) - $11
Rose Infused Gin, Elderflower Liqueur,
Rose Simple Syrup, L
emon Juice,
Topped with Sparkling Wine
Voltaire #6 (19%) - $12
Saffron Liqueur, Bergamot Liqueur, Pisco, Lemon Juice
Ginger Peach Collins (10.9%) - $9
Vodka, Ginger Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Peach Bitters, Soda Water
Kir Royale (11.31%) - $8
Draft Bubbly, Creme De Cassis
Tokyo Traffic (15.51%) - $14
Sesame Oil Infused Suntory Whisky, Ginger Liqueur, Tamari Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Egg White, Umami Bitters
*Can Substitute for Vegan*
Orgeat Sour - $5
Almond Orgeat, Lemon,
Simple Syrup, Soda Water
(Try an Amaretto 
Sour for the Cocktail version)
Blackberry Sage Sparkling Lemonade - $5
Blackberry-Sage Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Soda Water
Garden Collins - $9
Seedlip Garden 108, Cucumber Simple, Ginger Simple, Lemon, Soda Water
(Try an Uncharted Waters for the Cocktail version)
Vanilla Cold Brew Tonic - $5
Vanilla Simple, Cold Brew, Tonic
Seedlip Garden 108 - $7
Dram CBD Sparkling Water - $6
Athletic Brewing N/A Beer Golden Ale - $5
Mexican Coca-Cola - $2.50
Mexican Sp
rite - $2.50
Real Sugar Dr. Pepper - $2.50

Diet Coca-Cola - $2
Mountain Valley Sparkling Mineral Water - $3
Barrits Ginger Beer - $2.50
Cold Brew Coffee - $3
Hot Tea (Earl Grey, Chai) - $1.50
(Beer and Wine)
Beer an Wine
Draft Beer
Melvin NZ Pils - $7
4 Hands Full Life Lager - $7
Mother's Oktoberfest- $7
Package Beer
Montucky Cold Snacks (16oz)  - $4
Miller Lite (16oz) - $5

Birra Moretti - $5
Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale - $5
Left Hand IPA - $5

Avery White Rascal - $5
Brooklyn Brewing Bel Air Sour - $5
North Coast Scrimshaw Pilsner - $5
Happy Dad Pineapple Seltzer - $5
Schilling Semi-Sweet Cider - $5
Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn (N/A Golden Ale) - $5

($8 glass)
Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon
Lobetia Sauvignon Blanc

Line 39 Chardonnay
House Bubbly

($9 glass/$30 bottle)
Lone Birch Pinot Gris
Lone Birch Reisling

($9 glass/$30 bottle)

Lone Birch Red Blend
Orchis Pinot Noir
Vaiven Tempranillo
Finger Foods

(Finger Foods)

Harissa Chips - $5
House-made Potato Chips with House-Made Onion Dip
Lemon Parsley Hummus - $8.50
Classic Hummus topped with Olive Oil, Toasted Pine Nuts, Lemon Zest, Fresh Parsley, and Paprika.  Served with Toast Points
(Substitute Blue Corn Chips for Toast Points + $.50)
Chex Mix - $4
House made based on the original 1966 recipe.  Wheat and Rice Chex, Peanuts, Pretzel, and Cheerios with classic seasoning. *vegan*
Olives - $10
Castlevetrano Olives, Olive Oil, Citrus Zest
Cheese Board - $16
A selection of cheese, dried fruit, cocoa almonds, pickled vegetables, mustard, and toast points. 
Salmon Rillettes - $12
Smoked Salmon, whipped cream cheese, herbs and spices, served with toast points.
(Substitute Blue Corn Chips for Toast Points + $.50)
Soft Pretzel Sticks - $11
Warm soft pretzel sticks served with Pimento cheese and whole grain mustard
Dessert Options
(While Supplies Last)
Sleepy Opossum Cafe - Market Price
Druffs Ice Cream 
Sandwiches - $5
Food Allergy Notice
Please be advised that food and drinks prepared here may contain milk, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, or Raw Egg.


Black T-Shirt: $15
Green T-Shirt: $25
Candle & Matches: $24
Sweatband: $8
Coozie: $5
Bottled Cocktail Bottle: $5
Pin: $2.50
Key Chain: $2
Sticker: $2
Matches: $2
(All tabs left open will be charged 25% gratuity.)
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