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Specials: (While Supplies Last):
Negroni of the Week -
Fruity Pebbles Negroni - $11
Ty Iechyd Da Songbird Gin, Aperol, House Blend Sweet Vermouth, Clarified with Fruity Pebbles Cereal Milk

Barrel-Aged Manhattan - $15
Rittenhouse Rye 100, Redemption White Rye,
Spanish Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Amaro
Aged 7 months

Beer and a Shot - $8
Great Divide Collette
Evan Williams
(Beer and Wine)
Beer an Wine
Draft Beer
Ozark Lager - $7
Great Divide IPA - $7
Cali Squeeze Blood Orange Wheat - $7
Package Beer
Miller Lite (16oz) - $5
Montucky (16oz) - $4
Red Stripe - $5

Great Divide Colette - $5
Boulevard Lemon Ginger Radler - $5

Brooklyn Brewing Pulp Art Hazy IPA - $5
Stone IPA - $5

Odell Sippin' Blackberry (Sour) - $5
Happy Dad Raspberry Seltzer - $5
Ace Pineapple Cider - $5
Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn (N/A Golden Ale) - $5

($8 glass)
Angeline Cabernet Sauvignon
Lobetia Sauvignon Blanc

Line 39 Chardonnay

($9 glass/$30 bottle)
Lone Birch Pinot Gris
Lone Birc
h Reisling
Allegro Moscato ($11 glass/$36 bottle)

($9 glass/$30 bottle)

Lone Birch Red Blend
Orchis Pinot Noir
Batched/Bottled Cocktails
Foxglove - $10
Gin, Brandy, Orgeat,
Blackberry-Sage Simple, Lime, Soda Water
White Sangria - $10
White Wine, Lillet Blanc, Fruit
Little Pilot - $10
Vodka, Ginger Liqueur, Hibiscus Orange Simple, Lemon, Soda Water
Epitaph Martini - $14
Navy Strength Gin, Sherry Vermouth, Dashed Absinthe.  
*Freezer Martini*


Maracuyá Zing - $9
Tequila, Passion Fruit Liqueur, Agave Simple,
Lime, Passion Fruit, Orange Bitters
Blackberry Letter 23 - $9
Vodka, Berry Liqueur, Simple, Lemon, Blackberries
Genever Sour - $8
Genever, Butterfly Peaflower Syrup,
Lemon, Cayenne Dusting
Lucky Number Nine - $9
Rye, Peach Simple, Lemon, Mint


Atari's Lantern - $14
Sake, Sherry Vermouth, Grapefruit Bitters,
Black Walnut Bitters, Rose Water
Plátanos en Mole Old-Fashioner - $12
Viejo Rum, Creme de Banane, Xocolatl Mole Botters
Café Racer - $9
Bourbon, Gentian Liqueur, Fig Leaf Simple, Bitters
Cruisin' - $9
Dark Rum, Cafe Amaro, Amaretto, Flamed Orange Peel


Strawberry Lillet Spritz - $9
Strawberry Infused Lillet Blanc, Basil Simple, House Bubbly
Roseraie - $11
Rose Infused Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Rose Simple, Lemon, House Bubbly
Monk Swizzle - $9
Herbal Bitter Liqueur, Falernum,
Pineapple, Lime, Soda Water
Mezcal Paloma - $13
Mezcal, Pamplemousse, Lime, Grapefruit Soda


Old Fashioned - $9
100 Proof Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Bitters
Traditional Daiquiri - $8
Rum, Simple Syrup, Lime Juice
*Served Up*
Paper Plane - $10
Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro, Lemon
Lavender French 75 - $9
Gin, Lavender Simple, Lemon, House Bubbly
Sparkling Blackberry Sage Lemonade - $5
Blackberry Sage Simple, Lemon, Soda Water
Lyre's Sour - $8
Lyre's Italian Orange, Simple Syrup, Lime,
Egg White, Grapefruit Bitters
Flora in Orange - $5
Hibiscus Orange Simple, Earl Grey Tea,
Lemon, Atomized Orange Blossom Water
Moonrise Matcha - $5
Oat Milk, Vanilla Simple, Matcha Powder,
Atomized Orange Blossom Water
Lyre's Italian Orange - $7
Athletic Brewing N/A Beer Golden Ale - $5
Mexican Coca-Cola - $2.50
Mexican Sp
rite - $2.50
Real Sugar Dr. Pepper - $2.50
Jarritos Grapefruit - $2.50

Diet Coca-Cola - $2
Mountain Valley Sparkling Mineral Water - $3
Barrits Ginger Beer - $2.50
Love Craft Kombucha - $5
Dram CBD Sparkling Water - $6

Cold Brew Coffee - $3
Hot Tea (Earl Grey, Chai) - $1.50
Finger Foods

(Finger Foods)

Harissa Chips - $5
House-made Potato Chips seasoned with harissa.  Served with House-Made Onion Dip
Lemon Parsley Hummus - $8.50
Classic Hummus topped with Olive Oil, Toasted Pine Nuts, Lemon Zest, Fresh Parsley, and Paprika.  Served with Toast Points
(Substitute Blue Corn Chips for Toast Points + $.50)
Chex Mix - $4
House made based on the original 1966 recipe.  Wheat and Rice Chex, Peanuts, Pretzel, and Cheerios with classic seasoning. *vegan*
Olives - $10
Castlevetrano Olives, Olive Oil, Citrus Zest
*watch for pits*
Brie, Honey, Pistachio - $9
Baked Brie with honey and chopped pistachios, served with toast points. 
Salmon Rillettes - $12
Smoked Salmon, whipped cream cheese, herbs and spices, served with toast points.
(Substitute Blue Corn Chips for Toast Points + $.50)
Soft Pretzel Sticks - $11
Warm soft pretzel sticks served with Pimento cheese and whole grain mustard
Dessert Options
(While Supplies Last)
Sleepy Opossum Cafe - Market Price
Food Allergy Notice
Please be advised that food and drinks prepared here may contain milk, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, or Raw Egg.


Black T-Shirt: $15
Green T-Shirt: $25
Candle & Matches: $24
Sweatband: $8
Bottled Cocktail Bottle: $5
Pin: $2.50
Key Chain: $2
Sticker: $2
Matches: $2
(All tabs left open will be charged 25% gratuity.)
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